Offline-First CMS for DAO Building on Astar Network

ASTΞROIÐ is an offline-first decentralized CMS powered by a reward distribution protocol for building sustainable DAOs.

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Publishing Platform for

DAO Building

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Continuous Treasury Funding

ASTΞROIÐ continuously auto-generates treasury for your DAO from Astar dAppstaking and Defi yield farming strategies.
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Autonomous Community Building

HiΞÐ reward distribution protocol autonomously builds up a community around your vision with programmable democracies.
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Low Bar for DAO Contributors

Publishing content for projects is the easiest way for anyone to contribute to DAOs without any highly specialized skills.

Offline-First Decentralized CMS

Freedom for Writers

ASTΞROIÐ CMS takes back your data from centralized web2.0 platforms, and lets you manage them offline with a PWA, which is free from the app store bureaucracy by Google and Apple. You can back up articles on IPFS, publish to decentralized platforms such as Mirror and Ceramic, then finally tokenize them to get rewards from smart contract gorverned sustainable DAO funds.


Hi, ÐΞcentralization!

CMS for Web3.0


Manage Content Offline at Lightning Speed

PWA lets you manage articles offline without the internet. It works well as a mobile app too.

Store Encrypted Data on IPFS with Crypto Wallet

You can encrypt your data with a crypto wallet, and back them up on IPFS in the decentralized cloud.

Publish Articles to Decentralized Platforms

Publish articles to any platforms including decentralized ones such as Mirror and Ceramic.

Tokenize Published Articles and Get Rewards

Tokenizing your articles can give you rewards for contributing to DAOs with published content.
Autonomous Reward Distribution

HIÐΞ Protocol

Autonomous Reward Distribution

HIÐΞ Protocol is a smart contract protocol that makes DAOs sustainable by continuously generating funds and autonomously rewarding contributors with some killer democratic mechanisms. Pool strategies and governance logics for treasury contracts are programmable and permissionlessly pluggable.

Smart Democracy

Sustainable DAOs

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Pluggable Treasury

Arbitrary logics for yield farming and voting power calculation can be connected to the governance module.
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Budget Voting

Pools can start a voting period to allocate its fund to communities using their own VP logics.
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Tokenizing Communities

DAOs and communities can be tokenized so they can get budget allocations through voting.
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Freigeld Community Token

Budgets will be converted to community tokens (CT), which depreciate as time goes by.
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Burn to Reward Creators

Burning CT to support tokenized articles (NFTs) will reward both the creators and burners themselves.
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Quadratic Shares / DEX

Contributing will give you quadratic community shares, which can be converted to CTs via DEX.

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Based in Japan & Berlin

Team Warashibe

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Hideaki Imoto

Co-Founder / BizDev
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Tomoya Nagasawa

Co-Founder / Lead Developer
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Engineer / Researcher